The ZoBio Fragment Library: Chemically Diverse Starting Points for Drug Discovery

ZoBio strives to provide attractive, validated chemical starting points for your drug discovery projects. To achieve this goal, we have been building and maintaining the ZoBio fragment library since 2003. Our fragment library has been screened against more than 100 targets from a large array of target families.

The quality of the ZoBio fragment library rests on three pillars: chemical diversity, properties being aligned with our biophysical screening and validation assays, and synthetic tractability of fragments. In the continuous process of maintaining the collection, these guiding principles are first and foremost in our mind. We have recently finalized a major library revision, further improving the quality and efficiency of fragment screening at ZoBio.

This revision included the replacement of original fragments with new compounds based on our latest medchem insights and analysis of the performance of fragments in a multitude of fragments screens. Compound acquisition and admission to the screening deck was guided by objective cheminformatics and rigorous quality control, using NMR and SPR.

Our fragment library now contains approximately 2.000 fragments that are available for screening, including interesting compounds with pronounced 3-dimensional fingerprints.

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