Our Approach

Our pioneering approach is based on the success of fragment-based drug discovery campaigns in delivering high-quality molecules for a diverse array of challenging targets. We’re experts at overcoming the challenges of working with fragments and understand the necessity to develop assays and adapt techniques to obtain reliable data. The concept of orthogonality is core to the ZoBio philosophy and is present across the board in our capabilities. Multiple methods to find the best protein construct, to express proteins, to screen fragment libraries and to obtain structural information makes for a far more robust discovery engine and increases the chance of finding the right molecule for your target.

We turn the raw data points into actionable information to help achieve your project goals. We work closely with you to identify and overcome potential downstream pitfalls early in the process and use constant feedback cycles to improve each step of the investigation. We think about your project goals and carefully design a cascade to probe the biophysical and biological effects of ligand binding so that only compounds with drug-like interactions and the desired mode of action move to the next stage.

Your project will receive a leader who will work with a close-knit team of researchers from across our areas of expertise to develop a scientific plan to meet your expectations. In addition to our internal resources, we provide access to selected, unique fragments via our collaborations with SpiroChem and Edelris. We also integrate FBDD with HTS through our collaboration with Axxam. At all times, you have one, unvarying contact point who is responsible for the management of your entire project.

We achieve the best results for you by applying all the tools and engaging all the people available to us.

Ask us how we can aid your drug discovery work to achieve real solutions