Oncodesign Services Acquires ZoBio

ZoBio will join forces with Oncodesign Services (ODS), a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in drug discovery and preclinical services with notable expertise in oncology and immuno-inflammation. ODS has about 220 employees, primarily based in Dijon & Paris-Saclay, France with satellites in Montreal, Canada and Boston, USA, with a tremendous track record of working with its clients to bring compounds to the clinic. The ODS scientific excellence begins precisely where ZoBio’s ends, that is in creating and running customized cellular assays. This expertise extends into medicinal and synthetic chemistry, through early ADME and PK, right up to in vivo pharmacology and IND enabling studies.  The company has helped to develop more than 20 clinical stage drugs and designed two small molecule preclinical candidates that reached the clinical phase in 2022.

We are truly excited about the synergies to be gained by combining our innovation in protein production, Fragment Based Drug Discovery and structural biology with the expertise of ODS.

Please find below the press release with more details.