About ZoBio

As a pioneer in fragment-based discovery for more than 15 years, we’ve built a strong track record as experts in the community. Working with so many clients has given us a deep understanding of your challenges and we have developed innovative technological solutions designed specifically to overcome them. We run integrated gene-to-lead programs or provide components thereof as our clients require.

We provide a true collaborative experience in which our team and yours work together to understand your needs and craft a research program to exactly meet them. As these needs evolve, we flexibly adapt to stay focused on the goal.

Tight communication between the four scientific groups in ZoBio ensures the right people with appropriate expertise are involved at every stage of your project.

We invite you to dig deeper and discover ZoBio, your partner in drug discovery. We go the extra mile for you to achieve tangible results.

Our Story

In 2004 Gregg Siegal and Rob Heetebrij founded ZoBio as a spin-off from Leiden University commercializing the TINS (Target Immobilized NMR Screening) technology developed in Gregg’s research group. One of the benefits of TINS is the ability to reliably measure weak interactions between small-molecule ligands and proteins. This provided our entry into the area of fragment-based drug discovery where others had not yet gone. Since then, we’ve introduced new technologies into our workflow to run projects from gene design to lead compounds. We’re self-funded and serve customers across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our highly skilled team takes full advantage of this technology platform in combination with their expertise to maximize the output for your project.

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Our Team

It takes a team of skilled and open-minded scientists to deliver high-quality information and the right molecules. ZoBio is comprised of a diverse group of experts from many different countries across three continents. This blend of scientific and cultural backgrounds allows us to approach projects from all angles with ingenuity and creativity. The science and art of drug discovery presents daily challenges. We ask the tough questions and find the right answers to drive your project forward. We stimulate personal contact with our clients to keep communication lines short and research efficient. You can expect that we’ll communicate in an honest and transparent way, which we believe is critical to success.