Innovative Application of the Hamilton Liquid Handler

ZoBio's commitment to providing high-quality and efficient services is exemplified by our continued investment in advanced laboratory equipment that caters to our customers' needs. One such piece of equipment we have been using for some time is the Hamilton Liquid Handler, which has proven instrumental in automating repetitive pipetting tasks and sample preparation.

However, to meet the growing demand at ZoBio, we have taken the Hamilton Liquid Handler a step further. One of our crystallography scientists has developed a sophisticated and user-friendly software interface that allows ZoBio scientists to program the instrument according to their specific requirements. This innovation has opened up new possibilities for the system.

With the new software program, we can now easily fill NMR tubes with compounds for QC NMR, perform solubility measurements and prepare cocktails for our proprietary TINS fragment screening. By automating these processes we have significantly streamlined the sample preparation workflow, saving time and standardizing crucial steps. This automation empowers our scientists to allocate their valuable time and expertise to more complex and intellectually demanding aspects of their work. Moreover, the software interface seamlessly integrates with other laboratory instruments and data management systems, facilitating smooth information flow and analysis. It ensures that all relevant data is captured, consolidated, and readily accessible, enabling efficient data-driven decision-making.

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