The Upgrade of X-Ray Crystallography Infrastructure Completed

The availability of 3D structural information plays a vital role in modern drug discovery programs. At ZoBio we deeply understand this and have invested heavily in building a team and a lab to create a powerful X-ray crystallography workflow specifically designed to support Structure Based Drug Design.

With the successful installation earlier this year of two new ROCK IMAGERs, we have completed the upgrade of our X-ray crystallography infrastructure. This upgrade allows us to massively upscale parallel crystallization screening efforts, something that is essential for both de novo and high throughput projects. The imagers combine with a special climate chamber, in which we can control the temperature and humidity, to enable crystal plate setting and fishing for even the smallest crystals. The complete infrastructure allows our team to provide structural information for the most challenging projects.

We have regularly scheduled visits to synchrotrons and when needed, can rapidly arrange ad-hoc ones, to minimize wait times to obtain diffraction data. We have also built an automated data processing pipeline based around intensive use of the innovative PanDDA multi-dataset analysis package that detects even low occupancy binding events with great sensitivity.

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