Upcoming events

SMR Meeting: Recent Trends in Medicinal Chemistry and Enabling Technologies

In person

On 8th December 2022, the Society for Medicines Research and the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector of the Royal Society of Chemistry will be jointly hosting a 1-day meeting in London on Recent Trends in Medicinal Chemistry and Enabling Technologies. This will be a combination of medicinal chemistry, chemistry-based drug discovery enabling technologies and chemical biology from academic, industry and not-for-profit groups.

ZoBio is delighted to be a gold sponsor and for the first time participate in this exceptional meeting.

Our Business Development team is looking forward to hearing an array of interesting speakers and connecting with other attendees!

Past events

Cytiva™ Analytical Workshop 2022


On November 29th Masakazu Kobayashi (Head of Assay Development and Screening Group) participated in a Cytiva Analytical Workshop in Tokyo, Japan. He presented a case study entitled: ‘Use of multiple biophysical assays to interrogate hit tractability in early drug discovery‘.

The Cytiva™ Analytical Workshop (CAWS) originally started in 2014 with the theme of the quality control and quality characteristic analysis using Biacore™. The meeting is held every year with a theme that includes surrounding measurement technologies.

Many Biacore™ users participated in the workshop and it was the perfect place to gather information, interact and discuss why Biacore™ is useful for research in a wide range of research fields.

30th Protein Structure Determination in Industry meeting

In person

Starting from Sunday October 23rd the ZoBio team participated in the 30th Protein Structure Determination in Industry meeting.

On Tuesday October 25th our colleague Eiso AB gave the presentation ‘Interrogating covalent ligand protein complexes by NMR‘, which was very positively received.

It was great to reconnect with the structural biology community in person.

Discovery on Target

In person

Jan Schultz (Managing Director BD) has participated in Discovery on Target, the industry’s preeminent event on novel drug targets and technologies for drug discovery professionals.

The conference highlighted advances in current and emerging “hot” targets and technologies, as well as target validation strategies for the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents, ranging from biologics to small molecules.