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SMR Meeting: Molecular Glues

In person

Molecular glues and targeted protein degraders are changing the landscape of drug discovery. They show great potential for treating diseases such as cancer, infectious, inflammatory, and
neurodegenerative diseases, especially for those with “undruggable” pathogenic protein targets. With the
recent rise of the ‘molecular glue’ type of protein degraders, new therapies for unmet medical needs are being designed and developed.

Reflecting the excitement surrounding this new modality, the Society for Medicines Research will present a one day meeting at the GSK Campus (Stevenage, UK) on Friday March 24th 2023 focused on the theme of Molecular Glues.

Leading speakers from academia and industry will outline recent advances in the field. Presentations will vary from glue discovery and their application as drugs to the cell biology underpinning the molecular glue concept.

ZoBio is delighted to be for the second time a gold sponsor of the SMR meeting.

Drug Discovery Chemistry

In person

Over the past years Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry has grown to one of the largest events for medicinal chemists working in pharma and biotech. Focused on discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates, this event provides many exciting opportunities for scientists. ZoBio is therefore proud to actively participate in this event.

This year one of our scientists Pim de Vink will present the poster “Dissecting Molecular Glues with Biophysics”. He will be supported by Micheal Nyman, Director Business Development North America who can answer any questions you may have about ZoBio and our various services.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Past events

16th Winter Conference on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry

In person

ZoBio was attending 16th Winter Conference on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry held in the beautiful Steamboat Springs Resort, Colorado.

The conference exposed attending scientists to cutting edge synthetic and medicinal chemistry as well as latest developments in technologies that foster innovation in drug discovery.
In addition to the scientific presentations, this meeting provided a great opportunity for attendees to informally interact and strengthen their scientific network.

SMR Meeting: Recent Trends in Medicinal Chemistry and Enabling Technologies

In person

On 8th December 2022, the Society for Medicines Research and the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector of the Royal Society of Chemistry were jointly hosting a 1-day meeting in London on Recent Trends in Medicinal Chemistry and Enabling Technologies. The meeting was a combination of medicinal chemistry, chemistry-based drug discovery enabling technologies and chemical biology from academic, industry and not-for-profit groups.

ZoBio was delighted to be for the first time a gold sponsor of this exceptional meeting.

Cytiva™ Analytical Workshop 2022


On November 29th Masakazu Kobayashi (Head of Assay Development and Screening Group) participated in a Cytiva Analytical Workshop in Tokyo, Japan. He presented a case study entitled: ‘Use of multiple biophysical assays to interrogate hit tractability in early drug discovery‘.

The Cytiva™ Analytical Workshop (CAWS) originally started in 2014 with the theme of the quality control and quality characteristic analysis using Biacore™. The meeting is held every year with a theme that includes surrounding measurement technologies.

Many Biacore™ users participated in the workshop and it was the perfect place to gather information, interact and discuss why Biacore™ is useful for research in a wide range of research fields.