SMR Meeting: Molecular Glues

In person

Molecular glues and targeted protein degraders are changing the landscape of drug discovery. They show great potential for treating diseases such as cancer, infectious, inflammatory, and
neurodegenerative diseases, especially for those with “undruggable” pathogenic protein targets. With the
recent rise of the ‘molecular glue’ type of protein degraders, new therapies for unmet medical needs are being designed and developed.

Reflecting the excitement surrounding this new modality, the Society for Medicines Research organized a one day meeting at the GSK Campus (Stevenage, UK) focused on the theme of Molecular Glues.

Leading speakers from academia and industry outlined recent advances in the field. Presentations varied from glue discovery and their application as drugs to the cell biology underpinning the molecular glue concept.

ZoBio attended the meeting for the second time and was proud to be a gold sponsor of the event.