Mirati and ZoBio Collaborate to Advance Targeted Oncology Programs

Mirati Therapeutics has selected ZoBio to provide fragment-based screening, biophysical compound characterization and structural biology for several oncology targets. In this arrangement, ZoBio screens its fragment library using both its proprietary Target Immobilized NMR Screening and SPR capabilities. Subsequently hit analogs are characterized by a biophysics-based cascade tailored to select molecules with the desired Mode of Action and binding site. Medicinal chemistry decision making is aided by ZoBio’s unique combination of solution NMR and X-ray crystallography that provides structural information earlier, particularly for weakly binding fragment hits and early analogs.

Statement from Matt Marx and Gregg Siegal: “We are excited to be working together to advance Mirati’s preclinical portfolio.  This represents an ideal combination of Mirati’s discovery expertise and approach to target selection and ZoBio’s platform of capabilities and proven track record in hit identification, characterization and target enablement.“