Biacore 8K+ in the House!

Working on challenging projects requires access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the past 16 years ZoBio has incorporated multiple analytical technologies into its workflow to better enable us to tackle the challenging projects our clients task us with. In addition to NMR, SPR technology has taken its place at the core of what we do due to the ability to impact drug discovery programs in many different ways and at many different stages. Biacore instruments have always defined the leading edge of this technology and therefore we have built our capabilities upon them, including  T200, Biacore 4000 and Biacore 8K. Innovative use of these instruments allows us to design a wide range of experimental possibilities critical for obtaining the right data for our clients. As the capabilities of the instruments has evolved and the demand at ZoBio grows, we have continued to expand our inventory and we’re now proud to announce the latest addition, a Biacore 8K+.

The exquisite sensitivity and massive throughput of the Biacore 8K+ help us to solve the toughest challenges in screening and compound characterization. With this new device in house, we increase the throughput and cover new possibilities to accelerate hit discovery and lead optimization projects for our clients.

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