Biacore 8K+ in the House!

Working on the challenging projects requires continuous education as well as access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the past 16 years ZoBio has incorporated in its workflow different Biacore devices extending our service capabilities. We use these instruments as a platform to provide the support to our customers, while further building expert knowledge using the SPR technology. With the already available equipment (T 200, Biacore 4000 and Biacore 8K) we cover a wide range of experimental possibilities, but the recent addition of the Biacore 8K+ enables more options for compound profiling for our customers.

The Biacore 8K+ delivers high-quality data and helps to solve the toughest challenges in screening and compound characterization. With this new device in house we increase the throughput and cover new possibilities to accelerate the lead optimization projects for our clients.

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