Drug Discovery Chemistry

In person

Every year ZoBio is actively participating in the Drug Discovery Chemistry event hosted by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute. This event serves as a premier gathering for medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, focusing on the challenges and advancements in small molecule drug discovery and optimization.

Johan Veerman’s presentation on Site Directed Hit Discovery to Define the Mode of Action during the Fragment-Based Drug Discovery session on Tuesday, April 2nd will highlight ZoBio’s proficiency in fragment-based drug discovery strategies.

Two days later Gregg Siegal’s lecture Biophysical Approaches to Molecular Glue Discovery will delve into ZoBio’s innovative strategies and methodologies employed in molecular glue discovery, showcasing the company’s expertise and capabilities in this specialized area of drug discovery.

During the entire conference the ZoBio team will be present at the booth # 500 answering all the questions about the company services.